Star Wars: Where Science Meets Imagination was a traveling exhibit developed by the Museum of Science, Boston. My team was hired to reimagine the exhibit for Vegas attendees wanting a more theatrical experience while still preserving the educational mission of the attraction.

The revamped story transported guests via the force to the rebuilt Jedi Temple. Upon arriving in the Jedi Council Chambers, they would be greeted by the force ghost of Yoda. He'd inform the guests that they had the potential to be great Jedi Masters, but first they needed to train; not just in the ways of the force but also by expanding their knowledge of the galaxy they were called to protect.

Guests then moved on to the exhibit proper where they'd tour props and models from the famous films. They'd learn about the technology in the world of Star Wars as well as Earth's history of technology and travel. Another gallery would showcase the diverse environments of both the worlds of Star Wars and the Earth

Augmented reality overlays added increased immersion and interaction with the exhibits; from helping to repair the Millenium Falcon to actual training with lightsabers and force powers.

The finale was a 4D theatrical show narrated by Yoda. As guests relived moments from the Star Wars saga, they were reminded that they too had a role to play in protecting their world and ensuring peace throughout the galaxy.

Project Involvement:

  • Led Overall Concept Development Team

  • Wrote Guest Experience Narrative

  • Oversaw Creative Direction (Concept through Schematic Design)

  • Wrote Scripts for Passive and Interactive Attraction Elements

  • Project Management