The goal of the Children's Hunger Fund - Poverty Encounter is twofold: to educate individuals about the reality of extreme poverty that children around the world face every day and to show that there are ways for all of us to make a difference in the lives of these children.

Guests start their visit by boarding a plane that takes them to the infamous Zone 3 in Guatemala, a functioning garbage dump where children are forced to scavenge to survive. From there, guests will travel to Haiti and see the reality of day to day life for children after the 2010 earthquake.

In the brickyards of Nepal, guests get to experience the hopelessness of being born into a system where children as young as six are forced into manual labor with no hope of ever breaking free. Then it's a descent into the sewers of Romania where abandoned orphans are forced to live around steam pipes in the darkness to escape the brutal cold of winter.

Finally, guests are shown how the Children's Hunger Fund works to combat these terrible situations worldwide. Their last stop on the experience is to help make a difference themselves by packing food boxes that will be distributed globally with the help of partnerships with local organizations.

Project Involvement:

  • Led Overall Concept Development Team

  • Wrote Guest Experience Narrative

  • Oversaw Creative Direction (Concept through Schematic Design)

  • Project Management