"There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you."

- Maya Angelou, I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings


Click on the project images below to read an exclusive excerpt from some of my novels.

Title: 3point8

Summary: After his child dies, a father investigates rumors of supernatural beings stealing children.  Or is it all in his mind?

Style: Style: A first person, dark contemporary fantasy story dealing with loss and sanity.  Inspired by the author’s real life loss of his daughter.

Genre: Urban Fantasy

Series?: Standalone novel.

Status: Coming soon from Inkshares’ Quill imprint. Pre-Order Now!

Length: 60,000 words (estimated)

Title: Project Gibeon: The Stillness Between

Summary: After losing most of his family, fifteen year-old Jesse Solomon is given a second chance when he’s invited to join Project Gibeon, a starship based school that travels the universe preparing the best and brightest leaders of tomorrow.  But everything’s not what it seems and someone Jesse has come to trust may be working for a violent terrorist group that’s determined to cripple the galaxy.  Murder, sabotage and betrayal lead Jesse and his new friends to a final confrontation on a planet far from home where they’ll have to risk their lives in a desperate gamble to save billions.

Style: A galaxy crossing, coming of age, adventure story set in the distant future.

Genre: Young Adult Science Fiction

Series?: A standalone story that serves as the first novel in a proposed series.

Status: Completed / Unpublished (Available)

Length: 100,000 words

Title: The Backyard Heroes

Summary: When Sherlock moves into his new house on Stillmoore Lane, he expects to make new friends, explore the nearby forest and begin a summer filled with make-believe exploits.  Instead, he discovers a neighborhood under the oppressive rule of an evil genius named Orwell who has set a plan in motion that will allow him to spread his control beyond the boundaries of their neighborhood.  Sherlock soon finds himself leading his ragtag band of new friends into a confrontation with Orwell that will decide the future of Stillmoore Lane.

Style: A light fantasy twist on the classic summertime adventure story.  Deals with real world issues facing children such as abuse and terminal illness.

Genre: Young Adult Adventure

Series?: Standalone story with characters that could continue into future novels.

Status: Completed / Unpublished (Available)

Length: 94,485 words