The Mariners Church Student Center is designed to be a space for community, activity, and connection for teenagers from any background.

The floor plan is open and inviting, encouraging interaction across the building's stacked basketball courts, lounge, gaming space, and open gathering spaces.

The Student Center's mission is to bring teenagers together. When developing the environmental graphics it was important the look and feel tied back into this overall goal.

To complement the large open spaces that help create a place that connects individuals, we decided that the graphics needed to combine different styles as well.

The goal was to create a type of harmony out of the disparate chaos by uniting vector shapes with photographic images, grunge textures with bold colors, and clean typefaces with artistic filigree.

The result is a design built from opposing elements that create a cohesive aesthetic.

Project Involvement:

  • Led Overall Concept Development Team

  • Oversaw Creative Direction (Concept through Installation)

  • Led Environmental Design Creative Team

  • Led Fabrication and Execution Team/Vendors

  • Project Management