Built around a collection of artifacts from the notorious mobsters that built Sin City, the Las Vegas Mob Experience was an immersive attraction designed to give visitors a chance to walk in the shoes of the mob.

Housed at the historic Tropicana Hotel and Casino, the Mob Experience employed a variety of cutting-edge technology to bring the word of the mafia to life. Visitors were guided through the experience by the celebrity guide who would call them by name and offer advice as they were given a chance to help, hinder, or outright thwart the mob.

Starting at Ellis Island, visitors would move through immigration before experiencing the heyday of prohibition where the mob truly rose to power. After run-ins with local mobsters and an interrogation by the police, visitors would head out to the desert and learn about Bugsy Siegel's dream of a gambling oasis in the desert.

Visitors would then get a peek behind the curtain at the seedier side of the mob-run Las Vegas. How would they handle a cheater in the casino? Would they be willing to take part in the skim that ultimately funded the mob's enterprises in Sin City?

Finally, after witnessing the mob's downfall and exile from Vegas, visitors would enter an immersion, 4D space to learn where their own actions had led them. Would they end up as made men? Wacked? Arrested? Placed in Witness Protection? In the end, the decisions they'd made throughout the experience would decide their fate.

Project Involvement:

  • Led Overall Concept Development Team

  • Wrote Guest Experience Narrative

  • Oversaw Creative Direction (Concept through Installation)

  • Led Attraction Design Team

  • Wrote Scripts for Passive and Interactive Attraction Elements

  • Project Management