For this multi-campus project, the goal was to craft a story that would parallel the learning experience of all ages. We decided to develop the design as a whimsical interpretation of the church's main mission; training and equipping at home, going out into the world to discover and explore, then returning home with that knowledge to teach the next generation.

THRIVE Kids encompasses all of the church's mission in one location. Here, children are taught and prepared to head out and explore by volunteers that have “already been there.” The children's space is a literal transportation depot with training equipment, supplies, tools and vehicles that will make the coming journey possible.

The adult space encapsulates the last step of the mission by bringing nature and various design sensibilities back to the church from the world beyond. A dynamic and exciting space is created by employing varied typography, natural materials mixed with crafted items, and even an artificial indoor park, complete with a twenty-six-foot-tall oak tree.

Project Involvement:

  • Led Overall Concept Development Team

  • Oversaw Creative Direction (Concept through Installation)

  • Led Environmental Design Creative Team

  • Led Fabrication and Execution Team